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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Not only did they not have Parker and ginobili. They didnt have Jackson or Diaw. Spurs are content with resting everyone claiming injuries and taking the 2 seed. Sore neck really? Pop is already in postseason mode. These games are meaningless for the spurs as they don't even want the 1 seed. Playing the lakers is worse than playing houston

Duncan abuses the nugs in the first quarter. What does pop do? Takes him out with 2 minutes left and sits him on the bench until 5 minutes left in the half.
Right now my perfect scenario has us of course getting the 3 seed and SA getting the 2. Hoping Houston can overtake Golden State so we play Houston and make the spurs play the warriors.

That would give us the best 1st round matchup possible while SA and OKC have to play a couple teams that are frankly a wild card.

Then in the 2nd round we get the spurs while hopefully OKC has the Grizzlies, a very very tough matchup that might beat em up and wear em down.

That IMO is our best chance to get to the NBA Finals.
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