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Originally Posted by WABronco
...yea. Winning is not the best scenario right now though IMO (no worries though, they'll go back to their old ways during this next road trip). Hargrove needs to go, and a managerial change during their last off day would've been nice. We sweep the Royals with the new guy and everyone comes out smelling like flowers.

Alas...I'll always feel a little better when I remember that we have a top 2 second baseman and he's only 22.

I haven't gotten a good enough feel for the team yet to say who needs to stay or go. I've been a pretty casual fan up to this year. I've tried to get into baseball the last few years, but it was difficult because I was trying to do it through the Mariners, and they were done by the end of May. This year I started playing fantasy, and watching a lot more games and getting familiar with the rosters.

And you're right about that... Jose Lopez is kicking some butt out there. I'm not certain which criteria you're using to call him a top 2 second baseman, but he's definitely noteworthy.
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