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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
I don't find it "mind blowing" in the slightest. Der gaffen-fuehrer has no interest in the truth at all when it contradicts his sick beliefs - that the Jews are the source of all evil.
What I've seen in my 14 years here is we may not all agree politically but it's clear that Gaffo has isolated himself here much like Putin has done on the world stage. I certainly understand why some European countries aren't too excited about taking on russia in a war since their economies are so reliant on russia for gas. However, there are no leaders around the world accusing the United States of creating the situation in Ukraine. It's pure russian BS.

In order for Putin to be a dictator and stay in power he needs to create the perception that Russia is threatened by the United States and Ukraine. I have friends in russia via Facebook and they all know its BS but people are simply too afraid to speak out for fear of the black van coming for them.

Eventually it will unravel for Putin. It's too hard to hide the truth as everyone has cell phone cams these days. Putins is trying like hell though recently limiting the ability of millions of people from being able to leave russia. It's insane. People are trying to get the **** out of there while they still can.
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