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For a guy who seems to try so hard to understand the truth it's mind blowing that even gaffo has fallen for Putin's paid propaganda machine.

The latest real news is Ukraine forces aka ATO have driven the russian military out of their stronghold Slovyansk. They have controlled that town for a few months now. They moved their headquarters to Kromatorsk. I've read numerous reports that russian troops are starting to refuse to fight and want to go back home but Moscow will not let them back through the border. Many of them have family/friends in Ukraine and don't want to fight or be killed. The russian troops are getting killed by the hundreds per day now as Ukraine has finally taken the gloves off after Putin refused to honor the cease fire. Locals who were not fighting before are now taking up arms killing Russian troops as they walk the streets. There is a reason Ukraine has survived for going on 1,000 years now. The people there are hardcore. Farmers have gone so far as to pitch fork russian terrorists to death who came to their farms to steal food.

I've heard some rumors Canada may step up to the plate and send supplies and fighter jets. Canada has a huge Ukrainian population and is very sympathetic to the terror russia causing in Ukraine.

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