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PCR has become a mouthpiece for RT (Putin's TV propaganda) and more.

Gaffney's adoration of this batshiit crazy, troofer, speaks volumes about Gaffney himself and explains his 'parroting' of topics he really doesn't understand.

Paul Craig Roberts: Truther as Patriot
Roberts’ name now graces the mastheads of institutions such as the conspiracist Centre for Research on Globalisation (about which you can read here), the racist, anti-immigrant website Vdare, and the bizarre
hate-site Veterans Today (which, despite its innocuous-sounding name focuses on weird conspiracy theories and extremist politics, including
neo-Nazi propaganda). Roberts’ columns can also be found at Alex Jones’ Infowars, Iran’s state-run Press TV, the racist blog Truthseeker, and the website of the Ron Unz Foundation, as well as a large number of other
websites of this type. Posted on his website are scores of videos of interviews with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and scores more of his
appearances on Iran’s state-run English language propaganda station Press TV. Roberts has also been interviewed several times on the radio program
of the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens, formerly the White Citizens’ Council.
At Roberts’ own website, you currently can read columns by Diana Johnstone, John Pilger and “Israel Shamir” (the pseudonym for a disinformation writer with roots in Russia’s far-right), all of whose columns
can be found alongside Roberts at innumerable websites which form a sort of anti-US echo chamber. Roberts also uses his website to post bizarre, anonymously written pieces of unknown provenance such as a recent one
entitled “Israel Moves to Take Over the Federal Reserve“.
He says the US is on the verge of complete economic collapse. He says that “the US is a puppet government of Israel”. He criticizes the Federal Reserve system and praises the gold standard. He praises Russia’s economy and
advises Obama to follow Putin’s economic advice. He predicts “the dollar’s demise”. He warns that “the US is driving the world to a nuclear war”. He decries the Federal Reserve’s “bias against the gold standard”, saying it
proves that “the crooks run the Fed”
Worth reading:
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