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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
A lot of the time it looked like that was their intended play call....we were playing very conservative, like something was wrong with Peyton.

2nd half it looked like we tried it for the 3 three and outs in a row we had.

Our offense was looking like the offense we had when Orton was the QB for a couple of plays WTF was going on tonight. If the defense wouldn't have bucked down we could of been blown out pretty badly due to these series of plays that we ran.

Adam Gase has been impressive all year but he left me scratching my head today thinking is Manning is hurt or is this just a bad play call with bad throws sprinkled in why else would they call nothing but short passes.


(7:40) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass short left to 27-K.Moreno to DEN 18 for 4 yards (30-L.Landry).

In the final quarter he had some real serious ducks out there, and I know Peyton doesn't have the strongest arm but this was different he seemed to lack arm strength from previous games, and if it wasn't for our WRs making unbelievable catches on those ducks we could of been in even more trouble.

Were they just calling these short plays because he was injured? Even when they were forced to throw it down field there was something about Peyton that looked way off. It seemed like he had to really step into the throws to get anything on them late in the game.

I know his numbers looked good this game, but the eyes told a different story we can't ignore. I am concerned about Peyton, should I be or am I reading too much into it?
The example you used was a screen pass I believe.
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