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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
This is ridicule... people talking about trading Tebow when we haven't bagged Manning yet. Talking about trading Tebow even if we don't get Manning. Look, none... I mean none of the available FA (that includes A.Smith and T.Hasselbeck incase Manning sign with one of their teams) would be a better starter than Tebow. And that's without going into detail of why Elway or Fox would never trade Tebow if they don't land Manning. It would be like putting a noose around their neck. If you cant add 1 + 1 and get to 2... then go back to school.

If we don't land Manning this FA plan would be an utter failure. We stayed idle while other teams picked the FA that could have filled and improved or holes on the roster. There is no way they trade Tebow with this sort of epic fail! They know it would not fly with the fan base... but more importantly... the rest of the players.
So the Broncos should go with Tebow, a guy they have done nothing but show they do not believe in? This is a recipe for success? Keeping Tebow would just be until they found someone else and they would be trying and Tebow would know this, so his confidence probably won't be the highest to say the least.
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