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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
That is true, but I don't see this team interested in developing Tebow. They think Tebow can not run their offense, so had to water down their apparent complex offense, though one guesses it was no more complex than what McDaniels used. The Broncos think getting Manning is so important that they are waiting for him rather than do anything of substance at this point. But if Manning doesn't sign, hey Tim, you're the man we wanted all along.
If Bellicheck were to even call and ASK about acquiring Tebow they should think twice. Of course they'll blow it off as McDaniels wanting it...but Belli doesn't waste too many picks and he loves fleeceing other teams.
I would think that there must be something he sees, that they are missing, if he calls. In fact if there is even moderate interest by several teams they should think again.
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