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Originally Posted by Alec View Post
I never got off the bandwagon there Jim. Dint trhink we had much of a chance but this whole season I have kept tabs on them and actually watched more baseball this season than I have the last three seasons combined.

And as for your little "Comeback" story concerning the redbirds. Reducing a 10 game lead in 51 games is NOT comparable to reducing an 8.5 game lead in 15 games.

Thats just a ridiculous comparison and those Cardinals you mentioned, while a noble feat, isnt even close to this comeback by the Astros IF they indeed do pull it off.
St Louis' accomplishment is far more impressive because the team they were chasing didn't tank. The Dodgers went 104-50 on the season. The Cardinals' winning percentage in winning 43 of 51 games was an absoutely ridiculous .843 over the final two months of the season.

By far the most impressive comeback in baseball history.
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