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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
And who broke the Coors Field humidor?

The return of football season has heralded the return of football scores at Coors. Just about every game played in Coors in September has sailed over the total. This final homestand saw scores of 19-11, 11-4, 9-8, 10-9, 12-4 and 20-8.
Ready for another conspiracy theory? Well, too bad, here it comes anyway.

For the last month or so, the Rockies have ditched the humidor in an attempt to artificially inflate the team's offensive numbers. The Rockies offense was anemic for most of the season and fans have been calling for them to go out and spend some money to get a couple of big bats in the lineup. By turning off the humidor, they get some garbage time stats in meaningless games that make the overall numbers look better than they really are. After the season, the Rockies front office and their apologists in the local media will run these numbers out there and say, "See? They weren't a bad offensive team!" That'll be their justification for spending no money this offseason.
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