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Originally Posted by CornStore
your ignorance is hilarious. moore is a major part of why that offense is successful. maybe they should make you GM of the colts since you seem to know exactly how useless their OC is and how much control peyton has over the offense, defense, special teams, practice facilities, and waterboys.
What's hilarious is my ignorance comes from repeating what the media put out there about Peyton. It's called jerking your chain.

Of course I also got a chuckle out of the Belicheck quote you provided. What do you think a Coach is going to say? My team benefitted from another enormous Peyton Manning gag reflex when he saw a little mud on his pristine whites? I feel sorry for Peyton because Brandon Stokely turned into, ummmm.... Brandon Stokely?

Buy into the hype stat boy. Indy was the third seed and they are tuning in next week to watch the two teams who deserve their spots in the AFC Championship game.
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