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Originally Posted by CornStore
dude, the colts wide receivers were covered. Edgerrin James got stuffed his fair share. the new england defense forced turnovers WHEN IT WAS OUT OF THE QBS HANDS. i guess wide receivers wouldn't have dropped perfect passes if elway had thrown them, he's so special. ig uess they wouldn't have fumbled becuase elway would have "led" them to not fumble. i guess elway would have scrambled and found a way to throw it to COVERED receivers. you guys really hate manning and are obviously elway homers, if elway was going to "carry his team" to wins when the rest of his offense was outplayed why didn't he win all the time? why did he lose 3 super bowls before a team was built around him? why did he lose his share of afc playoff games to teams MUCH WORSE than the current new england team? no qb playing today would have been able to make up for the rest of the matchups out there.
No, Elway might have thrown a pick or two forcing balls into coverage. But just as likely he'd cannon that sucker in. What were all these afc playoff teams he lost to? He was 5-1 in conference championship games, and the loss was a game he didn't finish due to injury. The broncos had good success against both the Steelers and Patriots over the years. The only team in the entire tournament they didn't fare well against were the eagles, and that's nfc.

No one wins all the time, come ANY sport you always lose more than you win. More events cause failure before success happens. And how do you 'only' carry 3 teams to superbowls? Are there other games left to play or something?!

Davis was icing on the cake to finish it off.
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