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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
I wouldn't doubt it. Bellicheck will know HOW to use him properly, and turn him into a RZ threat . Probably never start him at QB. But the key is that
Belli never Overpays in Picks or money, so the chances of us getting anything
more than a 4th from him are unlikely.

The key will be whether the Broncos have done enough damage to Tebows ego and their own credibility to accept a stupid trade now.
I think he has higher WORTH but since they seemingly can't figure that out they just might do something that dumb. Therefore even further alienating the fan base. that is probably the only thing that will hold them back.
I don't think the Broncos know how to use Tebow and are not that interested in trying. A 4th rounder with maybe some conditions to be higher is about as high as they can get, but would seem the best for both the Broncos and Tebow.
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