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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I didn't say it was perfect

Still less violant per capata than the USA

"In fact, much of the crime data per capita 1000 population suggests that in many respects Mexico is safer than the U.S.: in assaults the U.S. ranks No. 6, Mexico No. 20; burglaries the U.S. No. 17, Mexico No. 34; car thefts U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 22; fraud U.S. No. 18, Mexico No. 29; Rape (Canada No.5), U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 17."
Baja, if you were putting the OP as a question, you sure did respond to every one of us that see Mexico as more dangerous. So, even though you put it as a question, you were defending Mexico and not the USA. Meck did nothing wrong to put it in this thread. If you dont like it, don't make these types of threads or do not defend Mexico. Also, illegal aliens do not make crime here "a few percentage points higher" as you stated on the first page. A huge % of jailbirds are illegals in the LA County jail.
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