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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Tell ya how green I am. I often stretch Saran Wrap over public toilets then put the seat down to conserve water due to evaporation.

Hopefully the user notices the covering before he sits down for a dump.
Iíll tell you another good one, I was in LA and had to stop at a gas station to take an emergency dump and the crapper was locked. I looked under the door and didnít see any feet, so I forced the door open and a little gook guy was perched on the toilet rim like a bird with his toes gripping the seat and his ass hanging in the bowl not touching a thing. He had this scared to death look so I said sorry and closed the door. I thought damn I wish I could do that so I didnít have to line the seat with toilet paper to keep the germs off my junkÖ..
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