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The author of the doc obviously likes oily salad and lucky's not a matter of what markets are the next to 'bubble' in this new global recession. HYPE is OUT dumbazzes - REALITY is cracking hype on the SKULL everyday in every marketplace...IT DOesn't WOrk!

In twenty years it will only matter what you have done to build worth on the small POS land you currently call home. The next country to peak won't matter - countries won't matter because the economies they have won't matter. It's time we stopped lying about what our things are worth and started realizing that we have very little resources that relate directly to our maslows hierarchy of needs for humankind.

Prior to 1950:
American Citizens did not have home mortgages
American Citizens did not have car loans
American Citizens did not have cable
American Citizens did not have the internet
All of these amass 85% of our current worth per american household...but when the social morays change due to economic collapse, these do relatively little to produce for our immediate human needs. See how fragile the system has become by relying on HYPE.

instead of converting your dollar to pesos for a quick scalp of the market - invest in some food, commodities, and something to do with your massive debt. lol

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