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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
How was it?
KOL were pretty strong. Their best song was easily "Charmer", which they closed the set list with. That song carries violence the same way that the Pixies' "Bone Machine" does, albeit with less raw emotion.

They played a solid long set, and the Palladium was sold out. Good for them.

They need a better sound guy. The Matchless combos couldnt cut through, and that's a very bad thing. Those amps produce beautiful tones. The SVTs bounced off the walls with no probs though.

My standard for this type of rock is Pixies, who I would say are a 10/10 in their prime in a club or a hall. I would give KOL a 7/10 on that night. With a more proficient sound man, it could have easily been 8/10. In 2-3 years (if they stick together) when the guys are more experienced,tighter, and have a catalogue with more excellent (as opposed to good) live tunes, they could really bring the place down.
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