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Originally Posted by Bacillus Anthracis View Post
But it was established years ago that McFadden is at his best in a power blocking system. The difference between his production in a ZBS compared to a PBS is night and day. And a coach has to cater to the ability of his players, something the current regime isn't willing to do. It's idiotic. Getting rid of the offense and special teams from last year was idiotic period. But that's a whole other topic.

You dont pin your entire orginizational philosophy on 1 player, aside from maybe a stud QB.

People are way too hung up on this man vs zone blocking. We did both last year, and a lot of those good runs McFadden had to the left resulted from Veldheer and Wiz, zoning their guy and Wiz peeling off and getting into the 2ns level.

It's not as big of an issue as you are making it. It's tougher to zone a 3-4 team because they want to play along the LOS and not penetrate, but not impossible, they just need more reps, because it is something you cant really practice live.
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