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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Man, It's so obvious. Issa keeps the dog and pony show going while protesting that he has no political reason for doing so. Cruz delivers his "Prep for 2016" speech. And now Rant Paul comes out and one-ups him on his Hillary attack. The issues of Benghazi are already cleared up. Yes, the entire Obama administration ****ed up. Yes, the CIA and Foggy Bottom ****ed up and spent the next few weeks trying to shift the blame in some kind of petty little warfare. But those issues are resolved. All this **** happening now is nothing but gutter politics, ie, how can we turn these dead Americans into votes for our party, and more importantly, us?
Exactly right. In the post linked below, after admitting there was clearly a coverup, Sullivan explains it similarly:

...these are venial sins, not mortal ones. And the premise of the Republican argument that immediately including the possibility of a pre-planned Jihadist attack would have deeply wounded the Obama campaign seems ludicrous to me. He decimated al Qaeda in Af-Pak and killed bin Laden, but a minor, if foolish, attempt at unnecessary spin after an embassy siege would have undone this legacy in the eyes of voters? Come off it.

All of this is a grotesque over-reaction – for transparently political purposes. The GOP does not know any more how to propose constructive policies that actually might improve the lives of Americans. But they sure know how to construct a “scandal” into a mountain when it is only a bump in the tarmac.

It all reminds me of Whitewater.
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