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You might be right. I do know, they are peaking at the right time...and getting a healthy Bogut is not hurting them.

I was afraid the Nuggs peaked during their 15 game stretch. Looks like they did.
It looked like Bogut was grimacing a little last night. Curry playing 58 minutes you could tell his legs were gone on the missed jumpers in the 4th and on. That team is firing on all cylinders right now but if those 2 start to labor it could spell trouble. But damn when they get going everything just goes in the basket. Spurs were very fortunate to come back in that game without duncan. Spurs need to get this 2nd win before goin to Oakland.

The nugs needed an outside shot and he got injured. I would've loved to see how that series wouldve played out if gallinari played. There were winnable games there.
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