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Bradley Roby

I agree Kaylore, Ball was running very well today and each week is making significant strides just in time to be peaking for the playoffs and help spell Moreno more each week going forward keeping Knowshon fresher for the big games in Denver and New York.

If we can just get some injury break these next games and it looks promising Wolfe will be back soon and DRC as well as JT and just no more serious injuries we might be able to tighten up the pass defense quite a bit as well as the run D.

I hope Champ can round into shape and at least can play second or third string corner or possibly safety while also being a good player coach for the young guys during the critical next two months, but I'm beginning to think he might be seriously done as a starting top two CB in the league, sad as that is to acknowledge after all his years of glory here.
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