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What have we got to offer Manning? Well, let's see.

1. We have, quite possibly, the worst pass-blocking O-Line in the league. Good thing Manning is so mobile and durable.

2. We have one of the least experienced and least-proven receiver corps in the league, though they do have a knack for dropping passes that hit them in the hands.

3. We have a head coach whose entire philosophy is to grind down opponents with the running game.

4. In terms of endorsement opportunities, we have the biggest national sports and media market between Wichita and Salt Lake City.

5. At least there wouldn't be any controversy or pressure on Manning here. Ah well, maybe a few people who like Tebow. But they aren't vocal or anything like that.

I'll betcha Manning is just drooling over the chance to play here. He'd probably take a big cut in pay just for the opportunity.
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