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Part of what came next -- a game misconduct and eventual two-game suspension for Jones -- was rather predictable. What was less so, however, was the reaction of a number of league observers, most prominently the CBC's Don Cherry, who asserted Bergeron was as much at fault for his injuries as Jones.

Cherry's position was pretty simple, and something we've heard before from "old school" students of the game: That Bergeron should have known better than to turn his back to his opponent, and that anybody who goes near the boards to dig out the puck needs to keep his head on a swivel to avoid getting throttled.

Considering that Cherry's comments came in between periods on Hockey Night in Canada while Bergeron was still in the hospital, it can't be much of a surprise that Boston GM Peter Chiarelli felt he had to come out swinging.

"I want to express our anger and dismay at these outlets north of the border," Chiarelli told Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe. "And I'm from north of the border. I know what happens. They pick up these things and it becomes a consensus. I want to make sure they see our point of view, Patrice's point of view, his family's point of view. Patrice had nephews watching that game who thought he was dead."

Chiarelli was also sure to point out that had Bergeron gone into the corner any other way, he would have been dinged for being afraid.

"This is a sport where you assume a lot of risk," Chiarelli told Shinzawa. "But you don't assume you're going to be driven from behind like that."

It appears there are more than a few fans who agree with Chiarelli. Picking up on an idea first floated by Sports Illustrated's Michael Farber a little less than two weeks before the Jones hit, one YouTube user got into a spirited and extended exchange with a group of Philadelphia fans over whether the Flyers organization as a whole deserved to be punished not only over the Jones incident, but for previous transgressions involving Jesse Boulerice and Steve Downey.

For me, the question is pretty simple: If you want to eliminate hits from behind, then start fining and suspending players like you mean it. By slapping Jones on the wrist with a mere two-game suspension, the league is sending the sort of signal that, in another context, would wind up resulting in a four-car pileup.


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