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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Great news that he is doing better. Broken nose and a concussion is like getting your presents on X-Mas after what was going through my mind when I saw it live. I didn't think he was going to die but a broken neck was certainly crossing my mind.

Pats, I understand the emotion that you felt and me defending Jones will only seem homerish right now but, Jones is not a dirty player. In fact, he is not a physical type player at all. He is known more for his offensive skill as a defenseman. It was just one of those plays where Jones, as a defenseman, was trying to take the player away from the puck. It happens in an instant. The Boston player and Jones were pretty much going full speed to the puck. Jones's job is to stop the Boston player from moving the puck. When the Boston player threw on the breaks, Jones could not stop. He leaned in and took the body. Scary, very scary, but there is no way to stop there.
Yes, I will sound like a homer but, Jones really isn't that way.

You might be surprised, but mostly I am hearing things like "it was illegal, yes...but not dirty....they were both going for the puck...there was no intent to injure on Jones' part.

I agree with that after what I saw.

Yeah, there are some folks up in arms that seem to be more excited that they have something to crusade for rather than seeing the whole thing for what it was. Those people should just be thankful that this one looked as bad as we've ever seen and ended as good as we could have hoped.
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