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I think Arod is like 10-19 against Rogers with 5 hrs career wise and the Yankees are always great against him and he ends up pitching a great game. I wonder who has something more wrong with them mentaly Arod or TO?

Line up for today's game:

1 J. Damon cf
2 D. Jeter ss
3 B. Abreu rf
4 G. Sheffield 1b
5 H. Matsui dh
6 J. Posada c
7 R. Cano 2b
8 A. Rodriguez 3b
9 M. Cabrera lf

1 C. Granderson cf
2 P. Polanco 2b
3 S. Casey 1b
4 M. Ordonez rf
5 C. Guillen ss
6 I. Rodriguez c
7 C. Monroe lf
8 M. Thames dh
9 B. Inge 3b

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