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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
You forgot the Jews.

by Mark H. Gaffney

Another vain November has passed
and we travelers upon a once-great road
find ourselves in a blind alley,
facing another stark December,
no apparent way forward, no obvious way back.

How did we arrive at such a pass?
How did things become so badly stuck?
Did the world change? Or us?

No succor in language.
The nursery rhymes have been plucked
from the mouths of children
and made into marketing jingles.
Spectacle has trumped substance.
The bottom line has driven out morality.
Baseless hope is all the buzz,
looking good the new national idol,
forte of thieves and scoundrels.

They say the mark of the beast
is a chip about the size of a rice grain.
When mothers yearn for it
we will know their breasts have shriveled up
and the heart of the nation lies prostrate upon the earth.

But whoa! Not just yet…
That is their plan, yes, but, fortunately, the emergent order
cares not a whit that despite everything
one man finally came to know himself,
because his old troubling dream, aye, the recurring nightmare,
through grace or fortune somehow dislodged itself from the terrifying deeps,
its vile poison finally spent,
to rise one last time and play in full consciousness,
no more hint of fear, the dark spell broken
and no longer threatening to the young boy
now grown into a man made strong by a thousand deaths,
everything suddenly fresh as early dew,
brightly indulgent as the morning sun,
the simple light of truth endowed
with the subversive power to liberate one man,
and by extension, many others, aye, a people...

As Neruda put it: “Muchos somos.” We are many…

The vampires sucking the nation’s lifeblood
will yet rue the day
they stole mother’s milk from the lips of the unborn.

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