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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Rise and Shine...

Rules are the same as usual, with the following exceptions.

1. Some of you missed the vote last round. You know who you are. You have only one vote this round. If some of you want to pretend you missed the vote last round, remember that you can also choose to cast only one of your votes.

2. The winner of the super weapon now has three votes per round. S/he will be announced at the end of the first round that s/he actually employs it for an extra vote. It can remain in your pocket until then.

3. The cat poo damage from round three continues to stick.

4. New ghosts are cordially invited to our Lifeless Lounge later today to be amazed and entertained by the "Wraith", our special host. Old ghosts, too, but keep your hands where we can see them.

5. Votes for Round 5 will be published in full. This will not be a blackout round.

6. Votes for Round 5 will be due to be PMd to me by NOON, tomorrow.

7. Word of advice. The round after that Domcasual is temporarily assuming MC duties so the votes for Round 6 (on Wednesday, should be PMd to him.... but we aren't there yet.)
I'll be sending out my addendum to the rules for round 6 - it'll probably be via PM. I don't want to reveal too much yet, but each player will have the opportunity to cast as many as ten votes for the round. Each player will automatically have one vote. From there, additional votes will be available for purchase (I take Paypal).

It will be similar to the system of purchased indulgences in the 16th Century Roman Catholic Church.

For $20, you will receive an additional vote. Or, you can purchase a package of five additional votes for the discounted price of $105; or nine additional votes for $200.

In addition, each purchased vote will come with a warrant. The warrant can be exercised for an additional vote within four hours of the moment the final vote count is revealed. The cost to exercise a warrant will be $50, and you'll have one warrant for each purchased vote. Four hours after the final vote is revealed, I'll reveal the final final vote, which will include votes from exercised warrants.

If the person(s) eliminated wish to remain in the game, they will be able to purchase an Elimination Mulligan for $250. This will pass the purchaser's votes on to the next highest vote-getter. That person will then have the opportunity to purchase an Elimination Mulligan.

I'm thinking about donating a portion of the proceeds from the round to charity. I'll probably just keep it, but I want it on the record that I am at least considering it.
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