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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
The record for most times jumping on and off a team's bandwagon was set by Alec Raenos, a record he extends every time the Astros slump or streak.

His last leap back onto the Astros' bandwagon was described as "a combination backflip/piss shiver" by the people who catalog such events.
I never got off the bandwagon there Jim. Dint trhink we had much of a chance but this whole season I have kept tabs on them and actually watched more baseball this season than I have the last three seasons combined.

And as for your little "Comeback" story concerning the redbirds. Reducing a 10 game lead in 51 games is NOT comparable to reducing an 8.5 game lead in 15 games.

Thats just a ridiculous comparison and those Cardinals you mentioned, while a noble feat, isnt even close to this comeback by the Astros IF they indeed do pull it off.
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