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Miss I

Originally Posted by Old Dude
Since it was part of the public opinion vote, it didn't have to be PM'd to count.

Nor was it an "illegal vote" because (a) it wasn't part of the regular elimination rounds and (b) because I expressly stated that the surviving players themselves had the option of casting a vote in the public poll.

Sorry, Hotrod, but the gun was loaded.

The shot was fired.

The brains were splattered.

The bleachers have emptied.

The autopsy has been had.

The remains have been cremated.
I could have made you rich. You could have overturned the vote and the onslaught of people yelling and screaming would have bought you an additional 100 pages and 2,000 posts easy. Then the mole could have voted for Shack and everyone would have been happy.
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