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2:06 PM Omar Kelly: I have NO IDEA if this is true....we'll only know once he's signed, but I've heard the price for Manning is $65 million over 3.!/OmarKelly/sta...18454192652288

2:00 PM TitanInsider: Hold off momentarily on Peyton-Munchak meeting. Munchak just left airport with Steve Hutchinson, says Paul Jones of Fox 17 who saw them!/TitanInsider2...23054425591808

1:52 PM Adam Schefter: Despite speculation that Houston still could make a run at Peyton Manning, the Texans have no plans to pursue the free-agent QB.!/AdamSchefter/...09068627951616

1:24 PM Albert Breer: Titans group that will meeting with Peyton Manning will be headed up by head coach Mike Munchak and offensive coordinator Chris Palmer. Munchak's a very good recruiter -- Big reason Hasselbeck signed. And Palmer coached Eli in New York from 2007-09. Just to clear this up (not a big deal) ... Reporting that Palmer/Munchak will meet with Titans today or tomorrow. Location not clear.!/AlbertBreer/s...08359622815744

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