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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI
I usually post at the "FREAK" but presently it is down for the count, and does not appear to be getting off the canvas.
I seldom come to the MANE because every thread turns into a spitting contest!
I wonder, is there a thread where the participants confine themselves to talking serious football, without all the child-like name calling, and often moronic tangents ?
I love the broncos and football, just seeking some intelligent conversation, Am I in the wrong place?

With posts like this I think you'll fit right into the childish threads. Hate to call you out like this but to start a Non-football related thread on the main forum and after looking thru your posts I think it's pretty clear you get into the same "pissing contests" just like the rest of us. It's Chiefs week. Expect some trash talking.

Oh and yes Spider I find if very IRONIC that this dude starts a thread bashing on the Mane while he claims he doesn't like "pissing contests". You don't come in someone's house with mud on your feet and not expect some backlash.

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hey, all those white guys look the same, especially in uniform.
I dont want to sound like a bigot but they remind me of a box of ritz ...crackers, they all look the same..

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