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Originally Posted by RHogan
Yeah, Jet is pretty question about it.

None of those bands you mentioned have a voice of a castrated man in front of them though....ruins every hack song on the cd....oh sure the bands you mention all do the operetic metal thing vocally on occasion...but not to that degree...I haven't heard vocals that bad since happening into early Sparks by mistake (if anyone reading has ever heard that sh*t, you know what I'm talking about.... )...

Just do me and the world a favor Den....don't sound anything like The Darkness when coming out to right the Rock can do better than that I'm sure.
No prob about the whole sdounding like the Darkness thing, I'm more of the odd one of the group, the others are just diehard Metallica fans and we sound, well try to sound, something along the lines of them.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Darkness as a one hit wonder with I believe in a thing called love, but I think it's a good one and if it's their only hit then so be it.

Also getting into Unloco, saw them in concert last March at the music as a weapon tour(Chevelle, Taproot, and Disturbed were the other performers) and been kind into their music since.

As the Rock 'N Roll historian and VP, what are your thoughts on Evanescence? I didn't like them much when they came out, but now I'm rather into them, plus lead singer Amy is really damn hot which is always a plus. Just curious what you have to say on them, their from Little Rock as well, not exactly the rock 'n roll hotbed of the world.
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