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Jet does sound very cool, heard that cold hard b**** song the other day, makings of a good one to my ears.

But I have to disagree on the Darkness, these guys just kick ass. It's funny yet serious type stuff, retro rock that brings back the arena style 80's hair bands. Maybe I'm just living in the past, but I just always digged the 80's rock with bands like whitesake, twisted sister, the scorpions, and Poison. I laugh everytime I see that video, nothing like a giant crab throwing a boulder and a giant squid trying to attack the band to get people to notice.

I don't really like Limp Bizkit much, I just got their CD because I heard Eat you Alive and figured that maybe the whole CD would be like that song since they got a new guitarist, but I was really dissapointed, so dissapointed that I almost wanted Wes back on guitars for me(I just didn't like that guy at all.)

Oh well, hopefully in a few years or so you'll hear about this band from Cleveland with a guy on drums that looks awefully like DF38, we'll right the Rock ship.

I've been digging Evanescence also, as crazy as that sounds.
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