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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by DenFan38
Every TOOL CD(every one makes a rotation at least once a week)
Spineshank - Self-Destructive Pattern
I'm ready to get drilled by RHogan for saying this but...Limp Bizkit - results may very
and Korn- take a look inot the mirror

Just curious, but has anyone else been digging The Darkness? I'm about to go and get their Permission to Land CD, they come to town on March 30th and the damn thing is already sold out, bout to go on ebay to try and get some tickets.
I won't drill you for Limp Bizkit (this time) Den...but I will drill you for The Darkness...that band totally sucks. That vocalist can shatter glass with that ultragay falsetto and the whole thing smacks as a retro to the very worst of the 70's excess....and I haven't even mentioned that video of theirs yet...that thing isn't even's just plain bad.

Trust me, go with Jet instead if you want that kinda thing...hey, would your VP ever steer you wrong??
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