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Originally Posted by Jori
From reports I have seen, Montreal is Dumont's number one choice. However, the Habs stand at about 41 million in total salaries and would want to move some salary in order to fit in Dumont.
Yeah the Habs are all over JP. It's rumored that Mtl was looking to ditch Komisarek to the Isles for a draft pick in order to make the room. Personally, I hope they don't move a good young D-man for a middle of the road forward like JP. Mtl has enough of those already.

Not sure if anybody has seen this yet but get a load of the new Buffalo Sabres logo that they'll be going with next year...

... and it's been labelled everything from the Lightning Slug to the Buffalo Mullett. This bute almost ranks up there with the Islanders "Capt. Highliner" and Canuck's "Flying V" from back in the day. At least they'll be using the old retro as their third jersey.
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