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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah. Like Totally.

Eli Manning Like Totally Sucks Ballz.

the difference is that Eli basically improved in every season since his rookie year.

He only improve his completion pct. by 4 points in year two, but he threw for almost 3800 yards....which showed promise, and earned him patience from fans and coaches

his 3rd season saw him hit on almost 58% of his passes...which is closer to the silver standard of 60% which earned him a little more patience....

His 4th season saw him drop 2 points in completion % (just over 56%)...but he helped his team win the that earned him more patience by the fans and coaches.

the next season he hit 60% reduced his int's by about 50% and has been elite ever since.

Tebow hit on 50% as a rookie...and then hit 46.5% in second year

Watching Eli play, the fans and coaches saw that it was just a matter of time before he'd become elite.....your boy on the other hand hadn't shown enough to most Bronco fans and the coaching staff to make them believe he'll become elite.....he showed enough to make most that have watched him think he'll be serviceable at best.
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