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He's bulking up to play not-QB in New York. Oh, I'm sure he'll line up under center sometimes, and oh how you'll hoot and holler. "SEE?" you'll yell. "He's playing QB right now! TEH JETX BELEIEEEEEEVE!" But then he'll be blocking on punt coverage two plays later, and you'll still be remembering that glorious play when he bounced a screen pass. Dressing up as a QB.

You wanna start from scratch? Let's do that.

Word out of camp was that Tebow looked TERRIBLE. Full stop. That wasn't just coaches, that was everyone. Now I know, I know, "he's a gamer!" and "he's not a practice player!" but the fact is, you've got to perform in practice if you want to see the field. That's how it's always been. So using the fact that he looked TERRIBLE in camp, Orton was the starter to begin last season.

That's not an appeal to authority. That's seeing what everyone else sees.

Thing about it is, even when Tebow did start, he STILL looked like garbage for three quarters a game. I'm not appealing to authority to get there.
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