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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
This is an alluring line of reasoning, but I discarded long ago. Sometime in about 1989.

You would think it would hold true, but there are some dumpster fires raging out there during any given NFL season.
And are those "dumpster fires" because of a coaching decision? Or because there's simply not much talent on a lot of rosters?

Yeah. You can't simply "discard the reasoning," but you do anyway.

This is why I'm glad Tebow is gone. You are completely unreasonable when it comes to him. I'll give you this: you're not as bad as most (see BroncoButthead), but your arguments still don't pass muster.

I'm not sure why you continue to try and convince anyone that Tebow is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He doesn't pass the eye test for most people, including those in decision making positions in the NFL. Yet we and they are all missing something you're not.

It's... kind of insane.
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