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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I think there was majority support for getting Manning. Not for ditching Tebow. Which is why the franchise is in for a rude awakening if Favre II falls short.
Well, again, the team did Tebow a huge favor by letting him go to a team that may give him some playing time this year. And as was true with Lloyd and with Orton (in 2011), there's little upside in hanging onto a guy who doesn't want to be here.

Originally Posted by Jay3
Yeah, I would think so. It's been a move that's hard to argue with. To get Peyton, I think the Jets would have dumped Sanchez, the Cards would have dumped Kolb, the Niners would have dumped Smith, etc.

This kind of player hitting the free agent market has not happened in the history of the NFL.
Considering what other teams have given up for starting QBs recently ($60 million for Cassel... ) Manning was a steal for us. I can't wait to see this team play.

Originally Posted by Shananahan
Nobody should be complaining about signing Manning. Everybody should have been complaining about starting Orton.
I distinctly recall seeing posts from offseason '09 and during the 6-game winning streak to start that season... crowing about how much better off the Broncos were with Orton instead of Cutler. Some posters even went so far as to claim Orton was the superior QB.

Oh, well... the path has been rocky and controversial, but it eventually led to a situation where we have an elite QB.
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