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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Let's be real here: The only reason right-wingnuts like you aren't lining up to blow Obama is because (a) he's black, and (b) he's a Democrat.

The ACA was conceived by your buddies at Heritage, and it was beta tested as "Romneycare" before it was re-branded as "Obamacare."

Apparently, pesky little facts like these simply don't matter to Fox News-watching mouth breathers like you.
The fact is that Romneycare can work in wealthy states that have a high degree of coverage to begin with. But all I can speak about is what I'm seeing and dealing with in the business as it currently stands and it is chaos. The scariest part of all this is the expansion of Medicaid option, which ironically was in Romneycare. Doctor's can very easily drop Medicaid since it takes a long time to get paid for services. Those patients are then going to be forced to either travel absurdly long distances or go to the ER for basic care since they won't be able to afford even the basic packages for Obamacare.
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