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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
Hmmm...the fact that I'm in frequent contact with TPL insurance firms for my job that tell me almost that exact thing makes me pretty confident that I am correct. Also that whole working with CMS to get ACA compliant for the state MMIS I'm consulting on too. I suppose you could say I'm pretty familiar with the topic.

Insurance firms did not find out about all the fine print regulations of the ACA until days before its launch so they made premeditated moves to become compliant with the widely speculated rules. This involved cutting a lot of the plans that people were comfortable with. That's why delaying some of the portions of the law are pointless for your large insurance firms (not speaking about local state exchanges because they may behave differently and I'm not as familiar with all of them) because they aren't going to roll back just to implement again the same cuts next year.

So then back to what Errand said, it is becoming more and more frequent for companies to drop spousal coverage if the spouse can purchase their own insurance via their place of business because that can mask the amount the company is passing onto the employee in increased rates. It's not unethical, and not even a part of ACA so I disagree with him there, but it just sucks for those affected and I can only assume those companies are willing to take the talent hit.
But the Obama supporters need to desperately cling to that idea that everyone will benefit in the end and be holding hands and signing songs to Obama's greatness, so you can't be believed. It just can't be true because Obama would never lie about anything. Reality interferes too often with utopia for them.
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