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If they play every game like they played Chicago, and especially like they played in the 3rd, they can beat anyone. It was the best game I can remember them playing in awhile. However, they turn around and win in Cleveland but it was sloppy. Twenty turn overs and again, they let some random guy on the other team have a career shooting night. Gee went 8/8 last night and Dalembert went 17/21 for the Bucks a few night ago. They have the potential to do it, but consistent high quality is still not there. In other words, the good is they haven't reached their potential or at least consistently, but are winning. The bad is they are not playing at a constantly high level that is needed against OKC. I think today's game will be a great barometer of the team's maturity and true ability. Back end of back-to-back road games, coming off of a road win, east coast travel, against a decent opponent.
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