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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Boldin isn't big and physical enough? All it means is Harbaugh and Baalke realized there is no improvement in Jenkins. He looks horrendous and gets swallowed up at the line consistently. If SF wasn't so strapped for WRs Jenkins could've been just cut.
The Niners play a physical almost B1G style. I think Crabtree and Boldin are the types of WR's they need to thrive in their system.
Not that a Jenkins sized guy can't, but he just isn't confident and his play has been horrendous.

I just think they can find production from Baldwin whereas they couldn't from Jenkins.
Much like I think Reid can get production out of Jenkins whereas the Niners can't because he fits Reid's system better.

I'm not trying to claim both will be studs with the change of scenery.
I just think both will be better off and more productive with their new teams, schemes and fits.
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