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D.J. Williams

Eric Majeski's (aka Netwolf) Camp Reports for

Camp 2007, September 14
September 14, 2007
We'll start today's report with the scrimmage.


Black Team:


Sabourin was in net for the 1st half; Conklin got the 2nd.

Bissonette, Goligoski, Jensen, James, and McLean did not play.

White Team:


Fleury was in net for the 1st half; Curry got the 2nd.

Brown, D'Aversa, Lovejoy, Rank, and Boogard did not play.

Scoring and Penalties

1st Half:

Black Goal (Black led 1-0) Crosby (Sykora, Recchi) - Christensen didn't see a breakout pass coming up the right side and Recchi picked it off and passed to Sykora, who slid a cross ice pass to an open Crosby, who had an easy one timer past Fleury. The same group had almost scored moments earlier, but Malkin made a beautiful diving play to break up the centering pass.

White Goal (Tied at 1) Laraque (Ruutu) - Laraque spun away from a defender and let a shot go towards Sabourin, and it beat him high glove. It may have hit something on the way in; I'm not sure.

White Goal (White led 2-1) Jeffrey (Taffe, Kennedy) - White was crashing the net and Jefrrey poked one in.

2nd Half:

Black Penalty Shot: Eaton held Filewich. Filewich just skated in and tried a wrister 5 hole, but Curry shut him down.

Black Penalty Shot: Brent tripped Crosby. Crosby moved the puck back and forth, then buried a wrister over Curry's blocker. Game tied at 2.

White Goal (White led 3-2) Hall (Esposito, Talbot) - Hall was in front and spun off Orpik just as the pass was coming to him and scored on a half snapshot from in tight.

Black Goal (Tied at 3) Armstrong (Weaver, Malone) - Weaver threaded a wrist shot on net and Armstrong dove for the rebound, swiping in a backhander.

White Penalty Shot: Esposito was held by Smith. Espo made a quick move to the backhand and roofed it over Conklin's glove. White led 4-3.

Black Penalty Shot: Weaver took a high stick from Laraque. Weaver skated straight in a put a wrister high glove on Curry. Game tied at 4.

White Goal (White led 5-4) Malkin (unassisted) - Malkin picked off a Whitney pass in the high slot and went slapshot on Conklin.

Black Penalty Shot: Letang got his stick up on Malone. Malone was nearly caught by Letang, but not before Malone beat Curry over the blocker with a wrist shot. Game tied at 5.

White Goal (White led 6-5) Hall (Gonchar, Talbot) - Talbot slid a nice cross ice pass to Gonchar, who uncorked a huge slapshot. Hall got a piece of it, tipping it by Cnklin with just 8.7 seconds on the clock.

Scrimmage Notes:
Esposito didn't show any noticeable signs of being hurt. He was flying around all day and his line always seemed to be making something happen. He took a pretty good check from Malone as well.

If today was any indication of how the rest of Hall's camp will go, he's going to earn a contract.

Malkin was more physical today and got into a couple of shoving matches. He was also doing a good job in his end. On one occasion, he came up behind Stone, stripped him of the puck, and stiff-armed him to the ice all in one motion. Later on, he was driving on Orpik and put Orpik on the ice. That prompted a decent shoving match.

In the first half of the game, the Black team had a pronounced edge in puck possession and they were dominating the flow of the game. Fleury kept them in it and was a big reason the ended the half up 2-1.

Other Notes:
I saw a couple members of the training staff wearing t-shirts with "Demand More" on the front and "Keep Climbing" on the back.

Ryan Lannon and Derek Engelland were the first two on the ice for the first practice of the season.

Brooks Orpik's mullet is gone.

Both groups did the same series of drills. First, some light skating that called for them to skate big circles in each of the three zones. They did that twice; once without pucks, then with pucks. Then you had your standard 5 man break they use in warm-ups on game night. 1 on 1 and 2 and 1 breaks were next, followed by 2 on 2s and 3 on 3s down low.
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