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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Living in NW Ohio, I know a lot of Browns fans.

As much as I used to dislike the team back in the day when Denver was beating them in the AFC Championship Games, they deserve a winning team.

Those fans had to endure getting their team yanked out from under them in 1995 to Baltimore (and then had to watch them become good and win a Super Bowl), go without a team for 3 season, until the Browns were brought back in 1999....and they've stunk to the tune of:

73 wins and 151 losses.....that's a .325 winning percentage.

Averaged 5.2 wins a year since getting back into the league in 1999.

1 playoff appearance, which was a loss.

Their fans have stuck with them and still support them and they deserve better than the **** sandwiches they've been served up the last 14 seasons.
I felt that way about the Bills when I used to live there. Four SBs in a row? Norwood? And they still pile into Orchard Park and root for that team. In bad weather too. I'm thankful for Pat Bowlen.
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