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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
To be fair there's lots of things you can't figure out on your own.

Like apparently to stop looking at "sagarin's models" afters of getting kicked around and laughed at for linking them as gospel.
Show me where I called Sagarin gospel. All I did was use it to help support somebody's comment that Denver had a better SOS, but that this doesn't by itself somehow make Denver the better team according to the model. What I did do is say that Sagarin is unbiased and includes multiple factors, unlike some people here who are saying Tebow is better than Newton just because the Broncos won more games than the Panthers.

You guys are over reacting. This isn't a criticism of Tebow. It's praise for Newton. The fact that I have 5 of the usual suspects attacking me for making the statement that Newton > Tebow is very telling. What's funny is that outside of Broncos fans and Tebow fans my opinion would easily be the majority opinion, and by a wide margin.
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