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Chris Harris

Well I'm pretty sure we'll be picking a few OLmen in this draft due to all the injuries we've had. I could see us picking up a LT and another Center. Not sure where in the draft but I would say it's a good bet we'll draft 2 OLmen.

Depending on how CJ looks when he comes back, and if Ball continues to improve (and fixes his fumbling issue) and with Moreno looking solid and Hillman now looking solid, I doubt we draft a RB.

I know we won't be drafting any TE's, we're loaded there. Probably won't draft any WR's either. I think we'll be looking for a DE who can rush the passer, maybe another LB'er. Always looking for another CB and DT. IMO, you almost always have to draft one of each of those 2 positions every draft.
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