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You will still be shooting at individual targets, but THE SHIP THAT TAKES THE MOST DAMAGE WILL HAVE A PLAYER ELIMINATED. The individual who has the most votes on that particular ship will be the player eliminated.


Phibacka is out there all by himself right now. If he chooses to, he can take his shuttlecraft and fly out of range of the battle. If he chooses to do so he will take no damage, but will also have no vote this round.

But if he wants to do things in a Klingon fashion, he can choose to ram one of the ships in play. If he does so, that ship will take FIVE total points of damage (His two votes and three votes worth of shuttle crash damage) and his shuttle will be destroyed. Will Phibacka die? No, not if another ship chooses to beam him aboard. If they do choose to beam him aboard, they will take THREE votes worth of damage to do so, but then they would have an extra voter on their ship going forward. Three out of Four members of that team would have to PM Apa and myself that they are beaming Phibacka up.

Phibacka also has to notify us what ship he is ramming.

Have fun!!
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