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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
So your late first round DT is a great player but Eric Fisher sucks?

Eric Fisher was the best player at the Senior Bowl. He owned everyone.

And yes I am using the word "owned" because he literally beat every DL there and most of the time it looked like he was doing it with ease.

I think Williams was a good prospect. But to imply that Williams is great and Fisher doesn't stand any chance at all against Von is hilarious.

Fisher is most definitely a player that can compete with Von. He's not Barry Richardson.
Most years Fisher and Joekel(sp?) would have gone late top 10, this year they were 1 and 2 overall. I guess if I were drafting for kFc this year I would have taken a Tackle 1st overall if I couldn't trade down either.

Williams was projected as a top 15 pick, we got him much later thanks to the run on Tackles and other teams trying to fill needs. His value being there as late as we picked is what prompted my use of the word great.

Any other year you could have picked an impact player (say a franchise QB or a can't miss pass rusher) 1st over all then still been able to move up and land one of those 2 LT's (provided you didn't overpay your 2nd round pick in a trade for a near bust QB) and still fill a couple other positions.

I am just glad kFc held the #1 overall pick in a down year for elite draft prospects.
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