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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
in the comments section at a Chiefs blog:

QB: Our Qb is more consistent, and has an added element because he can move, peyton canít. Chiefs.
RB: Our running game is one of the best. Jamaal, Kniles, and even Gray and Draughn. The Broncos are smallish and clock consumers, not those that canít carry a drive. Chiefs.
WR: Their receivers are bigger than ours, but we have more depth at the position, allowing us to afford an injury. After Decker and Thomas, its weak. Slight Broncos.
TE: Our TEís can pass block, run block, and catch. Their TEís are about average. Kelce and Moeaki are younger than Dreesen and Tamme, and are more versatile. Slight Chiefs.
OL: Our line doesnít get pub, but Asaomah and Albert hold it down, and the others continue to rise every year. Denverís line is overrated and older than what everyone thinks. Chiefs.
DL: Again, an underrated group. Jackson gets better every year, and they got Devito, who is very good at stopping the run. Weíre waiting to see Denverís. Slight Chiefs.
LB: Say what you want about Von Miller. You wonít hear much now that Elvis is gone. Hali and Houston are the best pass rushing duo in the league, and they can cover. Elvis is a one-trick pony, just ask Pitta. Chiefs
Secondary: Bailey what? Yeah, when the Bronco pass rush did nothing, the secondary was exposed. Its not very good. Ask Flacco and Torrey. KCís secondary held up even when the pass rush didnít, or played so well we got a sack. Our entire defense is underrated. Chiefs.
Special Teams: Tie. Both have excellent units, and both can take kicks or punts for scores.
Coaching: If you watched last yearís divisional round, you know its Reid who gets the nod here. Fox was too conservative and it cost them, it wasnít like the Ravens D was playing that well, Fox got scared into a failure on his own turf.
Chiefs Win 9-2.
I'd love for him to elaborate on the Alex Smith is better than Peyton theory!

I was just reading his blog, and he writes about Peyton being a BUST. Yes, Peyton Manning is a BUST because he's a number 1 overall that hasn't done enough in his career (?)...according to him. Putting aside the fact that the Chiefs also have a former overall number one pick thats done FAR LESS than PM, I wonder what he thinks of JaMarcus Russell?

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